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Our Offices Sunbelt Heating and Air Conditioning, Shawnee OklahomaIn business since 1985, Sunbelt will provide you with solutions to your indoor comfort problems. You can be confident your family's comfort and safety rests on our long-standing reputation for quality and responsive service.Dave Lennox Premier Dealer

Present day expectations for maintaining the comfort level of homes and businesses has changed. Just a few years ago society looked at the thermostat to see what the temperature was in the space and if it was in the "comfort range", that was all we needed. Today, indoor air quality encompasses more than the room temperature.... many other parameters are now considered to provide "indoor air quality". Today, we know that build ups of gasses and particulates that can take place in a tight home can cause health issues. Another factor that we didn't pay a lot of attention to a few years ago is humidity. Today we know that high indoor humidity can contribute to mold and odors that can affect indoor air quality. Unfortunately many homes in the Shawnee area, even new homes, have poorly designed and installed comfort systems. In fact, buying a new home is not a guarantee that you wont end up with major issues with the heating and cooling system. Request a quote online now

Sunbelt offers many advanced services such as infiltration testing (blower door test), duct leakage testing, infrared inspection, low E glass testing, and airflow test and balance. When these advanced services are combined with high efficiency heating and cooling products from Lennox, WaterFurnace and Fujitsu we are able to provide our customers with extremely low cost of operation of their comfort system.