Why we offer advanced technical services...

Duct Leakage testing is a valuable service that can save you money!Advanced technical services allow Sunbelt to perform higher quality work than other contractors... and then prove it!
Sunbelt started out in 1985 to deliver the highest quality, best performing heating and air conditioning systems. One of the biggest hurdles we have encountered over the years is that most consumers think that any new air conditioner is as good as the next, regardless of how it is installed.. The truth is that over 90% of new homes built in the Shawnee area over the last 20 years or so averaged 30% to 50% higher operating costs because very few consumers, or builders out any value higher quality work Our advanced services allow us not only to show a customer how good our work is, but we can also use this technology to show them how poorly their old system is performing.

This article was written by Dean Akin, President and Founder of Sunbelt Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.