Our Advanced Technical Services

A duct blaster can be used to test duct leakage
Duct Leakage Testing

Performance testing of air distribution systems is beginning to work its way into the mainstream of quality contractors. Many people think...

A blower door is used to find drafts, and poorly weatherized homes and buildings
Envelope Infiltration Testing

Infiltration testing is the ability to find air leaks in the outer envelope that seals your home...

An example of how a low E coating and reflect heat
Low E Glass Testing

One of the fastest evolving technologies to improve thermal performance is glass...

A flow hood can be used to test air flow from a duct system
Airflow Test and Balance

One of our most common complaints is airflow...


Why we offer advanced technical services...

Sunbelt Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. continues to lead in innovation and technology.
Sunbelt started out in 1985 to deliver the highest quality, best performing heating and air conditioning systems. One of the biggest hurdles we have encountered over the years is that most consumers think...