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Product Category: Furnaces

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Description: Lennox® furnaces are some of the most efficient and quietest heating systems you can buy*. They’re engineered for perfect warmth and savings.

Product Category: Comfort Controls

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Comfort Controls
Description: Explore programmable thermostats, digital thermostats, temperature control systems, and other comfort controls from Lennox, the leader in home air conditioning.

Product Category: Air Conditioners

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Air Conditioners
Description: Exacting precision makes Lennox® air conditioners among the quietest and most energy-efficient units you can buy.

Product Category: Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps
Description: Enjoy innovation in every season with precise, quietly efficient Lennox® heat pumps that keep your life simply perfect.

Product Category: Air Handlers

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Air Handlers
Description: Lennox® air handlers are among the most efficient and quietest you can buy.

Product Category: Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality
Description: Indoor air quality systems including home air cleaners, air purifiers, home air filters, and more from Lennox, the leader in home air quality.

Product Category: Packaged Units

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Packaged Units
Description: Self-contained units engineered for high performance and easy installation

Product Category: Boilers

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Description: For homes in northern regions that rely on boilers for heat, there’s no better choice than Lennox.

Product Category: Garage Heaters

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Garage Heaters
Description: With a low-profile design and a range of capacities, Lennox® garage heaters bring reliable and efficient warmth to almost any garage or workspace.

Product Category: Mini-Split Systems

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Mini-Split Systems
Description: When only certain rooms need heating and cooling, Lennox® Ductless Mini-Split heat pumps and air conditioners provide a smart, flexible solution.